6th March

The events happened on 6th March are :

1924 : King Tut's tomb opened : On this day in 1924, the Egyptian government opened the mummy case of King Tutankhamen, ruler of Egypt in the 14th century BC, whose burial chamber had been discovered in 1922 by renowned British archaeologist Howard Carter.

1957 : Ghana became an independent nation, led by Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah.

1928 : Latin American author Gabriel García Márquez was born in Aracataca, Colombia.

1857 : U.S. Chief Justice Roger B. Taney announced the Dred Scott decision, making slavery legal in all U.S. territories.

1853 : Giuseppe Verdi's opera La traviata premiered at La Fenice opera house in Venice.

1836 : The Alamo in Texas fell to Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna after a 13-day siege.

1619 : French satirist and dramatist Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac was born in Paris.

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