A Word A Day : Abash

Word of 18th April 2007 : A Word A Day-Abash


(uh BASH) v: to make ashamed, to embarrass

(Transitive Verb)

• Meredith felt abashed by her inability to remember her lines in the school chorus of Old McDonald Had a Farm.

• To do something without shame or embarrassment is to do it un-abashedly.

• Ken handed in a term paper that he had unabashedly copied from the National Enquirer.

• His uncivilized behavior in the company fuction abashed his parents and his relatives.


1. humiliate

2. humble

3. debase

4. degrade

5. reduce

6. depress

7. mortify

8. denigrate

9. embarrass

10. disconcert

11. astound

12. confound

Contextual Examples:

Napoleon was humiliated in the Battle of Waterloo by the humble British fleet under Lord Nelson.

You debase yourself by telling such lies.

Giving up smoking reduces the risk of heart of disease.

She suffered the mortification of seeing her assistant promoted above her.

The rise in oil prices will depress the car market.


1. immodesty

2. self-esteem

3. self-love

4. self-praise

5. complacency

6. smugness

7. dignified

8. upgrade

9. exalt

Contextual Examples:

The ceremony was dignified by the presence of ambassador.

He was exalted as the pillar of the community.

She was upgraded to the post of senior designer.

In certain modern societies of west, immodesty has become a part of civilization.

To judge your standing in the society, you must develop self-esteem.

Self-love and self-praise are the new traits used in modern advertisements.

Word of 18th April 2007 : A Word A Day-Abash

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