A Word A Day : Equivocal

Word of 19th April 2007 : A Word A Day-Equivocal



Equivocal: (I KWIV uh Kul) adj: ambiguous; intentionally confusing capable of being interpreted in more than one way.

Ambiguous means unclear. To be equivocal is to be intentionally ambiguous.

Joe’s response was equivocal. We couldn't tell whether he meant yes or no.

The doctor's equivocal diagnosis made us think that he had no ideas what Mrs. Johnson had.

To be equivocal is to equivocate. To equivocate is to mislead by saying confusing or ambiguous things.

When we asked Harry whether that was his car that was parked in the middle of the hardware store, he equivocated and asked “In which aisle?"

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