A Word A Day : Allure

Word of 26th July 2007: A Word A Day-Allure


( Transitive Verb, Intransitive Verb & Noun )

Allure : (a-lur')

To attract with something desirable, entice, to be highly and often subtly attractive, the power to attract, enticement

Contextual Examples:

• Promises of quick profits allure the unwary investor.

• Charms that still allure are parts of his personality.

• Money allures all.


1. Charm

2. Invite

3. Entice

4. Draw

5. Fascinate

6. Endear

And other Synonyms are:

Appeal, Attract, Draw, Magnetize, Take, Pull, Like, Entice, Inveigle, Seduce, Tempt, Allurement, Appeal, Attraction, Attractiveness, Call, Charisma, Charm, Enchantment, Enticement, Fascination, Glamour, Lure, Magnetism, Witchery

Contextual Examples:

Her exuberant beauty can charm even the stoics.

There are occasions when the government invites opposition parties to discuss important issues.

Unscrupulous and snit-social elements always entice criminals to commit more crimes.

The thief was so much fascinated by the speech of the priest that he gave up thieving and became his disciple.

The more we endear a child, the more it will become to obey us.


1. Repulse

2. Rebuff

3. Reject

4. Repel

5. Deter

6. Check

And other Antonyms are:

Deter, Discourage, Dissuade, Prevent, Repel, Threaten, Turn Off, Warn, Repulsion

Contextual Examples:

The very presence of the villain repulsed the good atmosphere of the scene.

Rajesh rebuffed the satirical remark of the competitor about his product.

Ram rejected the reconciliation offer of his supplier.

Similar poles of magnets repel each other.

The noisy atmosphere did not deter him from his studies.

The opposition forces tried to check his advance but he was too determined to be held back.

Related words:

Allurement : Al•Lure'ment - Noun
Allurer : Al•Lur'er - Noun
Alluringly : Al•Lur'ing•Ly – Adjective

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