A Word A Day : Aplomb

Word of 27th July 2007: A Word A Day-Aplomb


( Noun )

Aplomb : (ap-lemp')

poise, composure

Contextual Examples:

In the interview, he answered all the questions with a perfect aplomb

Wellington's nonchalance and aplomb in the heat of battle always heartened his followers.


1. Self-possession

2. Balance

3. Calmness

4. Composure

5. Confidence

6. Coolness

7. Equanimity

8. Poise

9. Self-assurance

10. Stability

11. Self-confidence

Contextual Examples:

He showed a remarkable composure in a difficult situation.

There is a lack of confidence in the current government.

I admire his coolness under pressure.

She is facing the prospect of her operation with cheerful equanimity.


1. Awkwardness

2. Chagrin

3. Confusion

4. Discomfiture

5. Discomposure

6. Embarrassment

7. Self-consciousness

Contextual Examples:

Much to his chagrin, he came last in the race.

There is some confusion about what the right procedure should be.

He persisted with his question despite his obvious discomfiture.

She was overcome with embarrassment at the idea.

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