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Word of 25th June 2007: A Word A Day-Bourgeois


( Adjective )

Bourgeois (boor ZHWWAW): middle class, usually in a pejorative sense; boringly conventional

• The original bourgeoisie (BOOR zhwaw ZEE) were simply people who lived in cites, an innovation at the time. They weren't farmers and they weren’t nobles. They were members of a new class- the middle class. Now the word is used mostly in making fun of or sneering at people who seem to think about nothing but their possessions and other comforts and about conforming to other people who share those concerns.

• A hip young city dweller might reject life in the suburbs as being too bourgeois.

• A person whose dream is to have a swimming pool in his backyard might be called bourgeois by someone who thinks there are more important things in life.

• Golf is often referred to as bourgeois sport.

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