Arabian Nights Stories

Here is a very good collection of ancient tales called Arabian Nights Stories. This collection of ancient tales from Arabia, India, Persia, etc., is called Arabian Night. The Merchant and The Genie, The Enchanted Horse, The Little Hunchbacked, Sindbad The Sailor, etc., are few of the selected stories which will act as catalyst and set off the young beginners on the quest for knowledge. So, this collection of stories can definitely be taken for granted because general reading-public is a graded quality of knowledge seeker. These tales were continued for more than one thousand nights to entertain the Sultan Shahriar. So, the Sultan forgot his cruelties against his people. Here are few of those interesting and valuable tales selected for our readers.

  1. Sheherazade and Shahriar
  2. The Merchant and The Genie
  3. The Old Man with The Hind
  4. The Old Man with The Two Black Dogs
  5. The Enchanted Horse
  6. The Little Hunchbacked
  7. The Sailor Sindbad
  8. The First Voyage
  9. The Second Voyage
  10. The Third Voyage
  11. The Fourth Voyage
  12. The Fifth Voyage
  13. The Sixth Voyage
  14. The Seventh Voyage

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