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Bank : noun : Business which holds money for its clients, which lends money at interest and trades generally in money

• Lloyds Bank

• The First National Bank

• The Royal Bank of Scotland

• He put all his earnings into his bank.

• I have had a letter from my bank telling me my account is overdrawn.

Bank Loan or Bank Advance : loan from a bank

• He asked for a bank loan to start his business.

Bank Borrowing : money borrowed from a bank

• The new factory was financed by bank borrowing.

• Bank borrowings have increased.

• Loans given by banks have increased.

Bank Deposits : all money placed in banks

Central Bank : noun : main government controlled bank in a country which controls the financial affairs of the country by fixing main interest rates, issuing currency and controlling the foreign exchange rate

• The Bank of England : central British bank owned by the state which together with the Treasury regulates the nation's finances

• The Federal Reserve Banks : central banks in the USA which are owned by the state and directed by the Federal Reserve Board

• The World Bank : central bank, controlled by the United Nations, whose funds come from the member states of the UN and which lends money to member states

Savings Bank : noun : bank where you can deposit money and receive interest on it

Merchant Bank : bank which lends money to companies and deals in international finance

The High Street Banks : main British banks which accept deposits from and allow withdrawals by individuals

Data Bank : store of information in a computer

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