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Banking : noun : the business of banks

• He is studying banking.

• She has gone into banking.

Banking Account : account which a customer has with a bank

A Banking Crisis : crisis affecting the banks

Banking Hours : hours when a bank is open for its customers

• You cannot get money out of the bank after banking hours.

NOTE : no plural

Bank Manager : noun : person in charge of a branch of a bank

• He asked his bank manager for a loan.

Bank Note or Banknote : noun : piece of printed paper money

• He pulled out a pile of used bank notes.

Bank On : verb : to do something because you are sure something will happen

• He is banking on getting a loan from his father to set up in business.

• Do not bank on the sale of your house.

Bankroll : verb : informal : to pay for or to finance (a project)

Bank Statement : noun : written statement from a bank showing the balance of an account

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