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Bank : verb : to deposit money into a bank or to have an account with a bank

• He banked the cheque as soon as he received it.

• Where do you bank?

• Where do you have a bank account?

• I bank at or with Barclays.

Bankable : adjective : property or documents which a bank will accept as security for a loan

• A bankable paper

Bank Account : noun : account which a customer has with a bank where the customer can deposit and withdraw money

• To open a bank account

• To close a bank account

• How much money do you have in your bank account?

• She has £100 in her savings bank account.

• If you let the balance in your bank account fall below £100, you have to pay bank charges.

Bank Balance : noun : state of a bank account at any particular time

• Our bank balance went into the red last month.

Bank Bill : noun :

GB : order by one bank telling another bank (usually in another country) to pay money to someone

US : piece of printed paper money

Bank Book : noun : book given by a bank which shows money which you deposit or withdraw from your savings account

Bank Charges : plural noun : charges which a bank makes for carrying out work for a customer

Bank Clerk : noun : person who works in a bank, but not a manager

Bank Draft : noun : order by one bank telling another bank (usually in another country) to pay money to someone

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