English : Deter From ....

Which form is correct?

Deter to …


Deter From…

First let us deal with the pronunciation of deter. The first e is like the i in the bid, sit and bit. The second er is like ir is shirt, bird and dirt. The stress is on the second syllable ter.

The word deter is usually followed by from and not to. When you deter someone from doing something, you discourage him from doing that. You achieve this by making the individual realize how difficult the task may be, or by highlighting the unpleasant consequences or performing the task. You do everything to ensure that the person no longer wishes to continue to do what he was doing.

• Nothing you say will deter the students from joining the protesters.

• With all your skills of persuasion, you could do little to deter him from marrying her nephew.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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