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Any advance involves some loss.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement above? Choose a specific example from personal experience, current events, or from your reading in history, literature or other subjects and use this example as the basis of your essay.


In almost all areas of science, the advancement of technology will cause a subsequent loss. Highly touted discoveries and new methods in any field will usually include a loss that offsets the advance. One of the recent scientific discoveries is the use of the atomic energy as a source of energy.

During the Manhattan project during the later half of the twentieth century, scientists at the Los Almos national laboratories in New Mexico discovered the immense power created by splitting atoms. Within the next decade, this source of energy was highly regarded and plants were soon built to utilize it in the production of energy. Soon, however, questions were raised about the safety of the new discovery.

Scientists and the people involved in the new atomic movement were aware of the power they held. Never before had man held the power to create energy on such a vast scale. Soon enough, however, people realized that this discovery has its drawbacks. Any leakage of the materials used in the new methods was very detrimental to all forms of life. In the second half of the last decade, humans became aware of the serious consequences of this technology.

The leakage at Chernobyl in the USSR caused widespread contamination, from Europe to Midwest of USA.

The discovery of the power that could be generated by splitting atoms is only one of the many technological advances we have witnessed in this century. Although their benefits might be obvious very quickly, we should not ignore the losses that might occur as a result of the new discovery.

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