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Some people believe that newspapers are the best source of news. Other people think that news is presented better on radio or television.

Which of these sources of news do you prefer? Use specific examples to support your choice.


When you ask me which of the news sources I prefer, I must answer both! But, I get most of the news form Radio and TV. It depends what you want from the news. If it is fast information, I prefer radio to other sources. Since, radio tells us the latest news at least once in half an hour. And the same news is repeated at a periodical interval so that you remember all the news. Some times I prefer Television for the clippings of picture that are telecast along with the news broadcast. One does remember more the news if it comes with a picture along with the voice of the reporter. And the television catches your mind much easier. The television reporter always looks serious and this attitude makes the news authentic. Then we trust the news. Both the beauty and horrific nature of the news can be identified and sensed in the radio and television channels rather than in the print media.

The advantage of the print media is that it has more detailed information and news. It is possible for you to read them as slow or quick as you want to. And you can also skip the news that you are not interested in.

That was the advantages that both the different sources have. One bad thing about radio is that it is sometimes quiet. Radio can tell you “There has been a military coup in the USSR" and no more. And you just sit there and wonder what? It can’t tell me more! The television makes use their advantages -the pictures to confuse you. If they do not have much information or news to share with you, they show you more pictures to pass the time (our precious time). The pictures of crying children and men in uniform are shown in the television to kill the time and the result is you forget to listen. But the secret is the television actually does not have anything to tell the viewers.

This same thing happens in the print media as well. They reporters in the print media also use a nice and some times a complicated language to make their, otherwise untrustworthy, news trustworthy. Both the Print and Air media are sometimes obliged to their political bosses for their survival. What they say may be right. But they do not tell all the right information.

I think all of the sources have both good and bad sides, we need both the Print and Air media for having a balanced view about what is going on around us. These two main sources are complementary to each other.

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