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Mr. Bhrigu has received an award for his contribution in the field of Popularization of Science. His friend Mr. Pranav Guha comes to know of this news. Mr. Pranav Guha writes a letter greeting Mr. Bhrigu on receiving an award.

423 Railway Road,
Sri Nager Colony,
New Delhi.

16th June 2005.

Dear Bhrigu,

I cannot quite express my great joy at your receiving the Kalinga Award for popularization of science. Your articles on scientific topics like computers, lasers, quantum physics, space-age and hi-tech communication have become very popular, especially among school going children. Few of these articles have found their way into text-books. You have rendered a yeoman service to the cause of sciences. For your insightfulness and valuable contribution, a science-journal has noted that you are the Isaac Asimov of India.

You have made all your college-mates proud. May you continue to succeed and make a mark in the international field?

Let the Almighty bless you with more success!

Yours sincerely,

Signature of Pranav Guha


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