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My friend claims that the word Latrinogram exists. Is it true?

It is a Portmanteau Word. A Portmanteau Word is the one that blend the sounds and the meanings of two words. The word Portmanteau is derived from the French word portmanteau, combined from porter (to carry) and manteau(mantle).

While these Words originated in 16th century, Lewis Carroll is credited with coining this word (in Through the Looking Glass) based on the fact that portmanteau bag is one that opens into two equal parts. The meanings of all such words are apparent from the combination.

Most of these words will not be found in standard dictionaries. But, the readers can use their grey cells in putting the meanings of the two and two together to deduce the meaning of these words. (
Brunch = breakfast + lunch ) & ( Email= electronic + mail )

We have all come across the words telegram, phonogram and what have you. But
latrinogram? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? But your friend is right, the word latrinogram does exist. As you have probably guessed it, consists of two words – latrine and gram.

A phonogram is a message that you receive over the phone. So, what do you think a
latrinogram is? Yes, it's a message that you receive in the latrine. In this case, it is a rumor which originates in the latrines of offices - working people have a tendency to exchange a lot of information (gossip!) in bathrooms.

Here are a few examples.

• There was a latrinogram yesterday about the boss being asked to resign.

• Sudha is marrying Sudhir! No way! That's just another latrinogram.

By the way, the stress is on the second syllable

Fantabulous is another word which we have answered in this same category. It's a combination of fantastic and fabulous.

However, many such Words catch on and latch on to the lexicon. Others do not and simply fade away into silent sunsets, having enjoyed their 15 minutes of glory.

Here is the complete list of Portmanteau words that the visitors could use in their communication. The visitors are welcome to send in the Portmanteau words that they come across to us so that we will add those words in this list and will acknowledge the sender.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

Here are a collection of Portmanteau Words.

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