English Phrases : My Level Best

Is it O.K. to say My Level Best?

Although this expression is used frequently in India, there are quite a few people who squirm when they hear it being used. They do their level best to convince others that they shouldn't say
level best and that it's enough to say best. They have a point. I mean, why say level best, when best will do? Why waste your breath on an unnecessary word? A person who passionately argues that level best is wrong will be making the same mistake. He will be wasting his breath. There is nothing wrong in saying level best. It is included in most dictionaries. The Oxford English Reference Dictionary (1995) has the following definition - do one's utmost; make all possible efforts.

Here are a few Examples.

• Our players did their level best to beat Australia.

• Rakish is doing his level best to solve the problem.

• Saritha did her level best to avoid him.

Whether you want to say
level best or best is up to you. Use the one that comes to you naturally. Limit the use of level best to informal contexts.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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