Reply to Letter apologizing for cancelled event

How to draft a Reply to Letter apologizing for cancelled event? Here is a sample for your reference.

22nd January 2001.


Mr. Nagaraj,
125, Jalan Ah Meng,
251799-Kuala Lumpur.

Dear Sir,


Mr. P. Subramanian,
Social Committee,
Drapon International Marketing Firm,
2345- Jalan Angkasa,
2919/QU: Lee Mart,
Kuala Lumpur.

Dear Sir,

The damage caused by the rain on the day on which we had scheduled our Outdoor Barbecue Dinner has been alleviated by your nice and decent letter. It is verily nice of you to stand responsible for the cancellation of the dinner where as you are not really responsible for that cancellation because the rain has deserted us.

We all waited for that event with great expectations for that would have been a better opportunity for all us to celebrate our success. Of course the dinner has only been postponed. We are all awaiting that event to enjoy our hours together.

With thanks.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature of Nagaraj)


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