ROOT-WORD is CHROM from the Greek chroma meaning COLOR. You will find more use of this ROOT in CHROMO photography and also in CHROMOtherapy. No. 18 and No. 19 show beautifully how simple it is to understand words when you know keys PHOB meaning fear and PHIL meaning love.

1. Chroma : CHROM a (kroe’ ma) n.


2. Chromascope : CHROM ascope (kroe’ ma skope) n.

An instrument showing the effects of color

3. Chromatic : CHROM atic (kroe mat’ ik) adj.

Color; relating to color

4. Chromatic scale : CHROM atic scale (kroe mat’ ik scale)

A musical scale of many shades of tone

5. Chromatics : CHROM atic scale (kroe mat’ ik scale)

One expert in chromatics

6. Chromatist : CHROM atist (kroe’ mo some) n.

One expert in chromatics

7. Chromosome : CHROM osome (kroe’ mo some) n.

A tiny body found in living cells which controls heredity

8. Chromatin : CHROM atin (kroe’ ma tol’ o ji) n.

Science of colors

9. Chromatology : CHROM atology (kroe ma tol’ o ji) n.

Science of colors

10. Chromatometer : CHROM atometer (kroe ma tom’ e ter) n.

Instrument for measuring color perception

11. Chromatosis : CHROM atosis (kroe ma toe’ sis) n.

Unnatural pigmentation of the skin

12. Chrome : CHROM e (krome) n.

A pigment; as, chrome yellow; chrome green, etc

13. Chromium : CHROM ium (kroe’ mee um) n.

A rust-resisting metal

14. Chromidrosis : CHROM idrosis (kroe mi droe’ sis) n.

An abnormally colored sweat

15. Chromatism : CHROM atism (kroe’ ma tiz um) n.

Abnormal coloration of the green parts of plants

16. Chromoblast : CHROM oblast (kroe’ mo blast) n.

An embryonic cell that becomes a pigment cell

17. Chromogenesis : CHROM ogenesis (kroe mo jen’ e sis) n.

Color production

18. Chromophobic : CHROM ophobic (kroe mo foe’ bik) adj.

Difficult to stain

19. Chromophilic : CHROM ophilic (kroe mo fil’ ik) adj.

Easy to stain

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