ROOT-WORDS are the Prefixes IL and its partner IR, meaning NOT. It seems that the Prefix IN is also assimilated with certain consonants. Before a root word beginning with I, IN becomes IL. Before 4, IN becomes IR. All this is to make it pleasant to say and pleasant to hear.

1. Illegal: IL legal (il ee’ gal) adj.

Not according to law

2. Illegible: II legible (il lej’ I b’l) adj.

Not able to be read

3. Illiterate: IL literate (il it’ e rat) adj.

Having little education; cannot read or write

4. Illiteracy: IL literacy (il it’ e ra see) n.

The state of being uneducated; inability to read or write

5. Illusion: IL lusion (il ue’ zhun) n.

An unreal image

6. Illogical: IL logical (il oj’ I kal) adj.

Not having sense

7. Illiberal: IL liberal (il ib’ e ral) adj.

Not open minded; being a bigot

8. Illicit: IL licit (il is’ it) adj.

Not allowed; not lawful

9. Irreclaimable: IR reclaimable (ir e klay’ ma b’l) adj.

Cannot be claimed again

10. Irregular: IR regular (ir eg’ yu lar) adj.

Not as it should be

11. Irreligious: IR religious (ir e lij’ us) adj.

Lacking religious feelings

12. Irreverent: IR reverent (ir ev’ rent) adj.

Showing a lack of respect about holy matters

13. Irreparable: IR reparable (ir ep’ e ra b’l) adj.

Cannot be repaired

14. Irresolute: IR resolute (ir ep’ e ra b’l) adj.

Cannot make up his mind

15. Irreproachable: IR reproachable (ir e proche’ a b’l) adj.

Cannot be blamed in any way

16. Irresponsible: IR responsible (ir e spon’ si b’l) adj.

Not having a sense of duty

17. Irrevocable: IR revocable (ir ev’ o ka b’l) adj.

Cannot be recalled

18. Irresistible: IR resistible (ir e zis’ ti b’l) adj.

Not able to be withstood

19. Irrational: IR rational (ir ash’ us nal) adj.

Unreasonable; illogical

20. Irrelevant: IR relevant (ir el’ e vant) adj.

Has nothing to do with the case; unrelated

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