ROOT-WORD is a Prefix MAL meaning BAD & EVIL. I’m sure that the opposite comes to your mind immediately -BENE. If you refer to the list for that ROOT, you will find that many of the words are just the same except that MAL is used instead of BENE. How long will it take you to learn the root, MAL? One instant? Good. One root learned makes 20 words earned. Remember Mrs. MALaprop? MAL is the root to her MALfortune. Remember your roots and you’II never be a Mr. or Mrs. MALaprop. The root is all.

1. Maladroit : MAL adroit (mal a droit’) adj.

Clumsy; awkward; inept

2. Malady : MAL ady (mal’ ad ee) n.

Sickness; disease

3. Malapert : MAL apert (mal a pert’) adj.

Ill-bred; impudent

4. Malapropos : MAL apropos (mal a pro poe’) adj.

Inappropriate; not fitting

5. Malapropism : MAL apropism (mal’ a prop iz um) n.

Humorous misuse of words

6. Malaria : MAL aria (ma lar’ ee a) n.

A disease carried by a mosquito

7. Malcontent : MAL content (mal’ kon tent) adj.

Rebellious; discontented; bad tempered

8. Malediction : MAL ediction (mal e dik’ shun) n.

Slander; curse

9. Malefaction : MAL efaction (mal e fak’ shun) n.

An evil deed

10. Malefactor : MAL efactor (mal’ e fak tor) n.

One who commits an evil deed; evildoer

11. Malevolent : MAL evolent (ma lev’ o lent) adj.

Wishing evil to others

12. Malevolence : MAL evolence (ma lev’ o lens) n.

The state of wishing evil to others; ill will; viciousness

13. Malfeasance : MAL feasance (mal feze’ ans) n.

Evil conduct; especially by a public official

14. Maltreated : MAL treated (mal trete’ ed) adj.

Badly treated; abused

15. Malice : MAL ice (mal’ is) n.

Ill-will’ as, “with malice toward none’

16. Malicious : MAL icious (ma lish’ us) adj.

Full of ill-will

17. Malpractice : MAL practice (mal prak’ tis) n.

Professional misconduct

18. Malignant : MAL ignant (ma lig’ nant) adj.

Injurious; extremely evil; tending to produce death

19. Malign : MAL ign (mal lie’) v.

To utter slander of; to defame, unjustly

20. Maliferous : MAL iferous (ma lif’ er us) adj.

Disease bringing; productive of evil

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