pos, pon & pound

ROOT-WORDS are POS, PON & POUND which mean PLACE & SET. It comes from the Latin ponere & positus which mean PLACE; SET. Please look at No. 6 postPONe. The syllable POST does not mean the same as No. 5. The post in postPONe is simply a Prefix that means after or later and it has nothing to do with this root.

1. Posit : POS it (poz’ it) v.

Set firmly in place; assert; declare

2. Position : POS ition (po zish’ un) n.

The manner in which a thing is placed; office

3. Positive : POS itive (poz’ it iv) adj.

Definitely laid down; as, a positive law

4. Positor : POS itor (poz’ i tor) n.

One who asserts or affirms

5. Post : POS t (poste) n.

A place; station; position; as, a soldier’s post

6. Postopone : post PON e (poste pone’) v.

Place later; delay; as, postpone the wedding

7. Posture : POS ture (pos’ chur) n.

Placement of the limbs of the body; carriage

8. Posture : POS ture (pos’ chur) v.

To assume a position; to pose

9. Composition : com POS ition (kom po zish’ un) n.

Combination of parts to form a whole

10. Deponent : de PON ent (de poe’ nent) n.

One who gives evidence in writing

11. Expose : ex POS e (ek spoze’) v.

Set forth; show for all to see; as, expose a fraud

12. Exposure : ex POS ure (ek spoe’ zhur) n.

The act of lying bare; as, exposure of all facts

13. Expound : ex POUN d (im spound’) v.

Set forth; expolain; as, expound a thory

14. Impound : im POUN d (im pound ) v.

To seize and hold in custody; as, to impound stray cattle

15. Propound : pro POUN d (pro pound’) v.

To propose; to offer; as, propound

16. Depose : de POS e (do poze) v.

To remove from office; as, depose the chairman

17. Impose : im POS e (im poze’) v.

To place on; as, impose a penalty

18. Propose : pro POS e (pro poze’) v.

To offer; to suggest; as, propose marriage

19. Proposal : pro POS al (pro poe’ zal) n.

An offer; as, a proposal of marriage

20. Proposition : pro POS ition (prop o zish’ un) n.

A statement offered for consideration.

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