This ROOT-WORD is PUT which comes from the Latin putare, meaning to THINK. Here is a fine instance of the value of knowing many ROOTS to combine and recombine with a Root. PUT means THINK, a very limited picture. With the addition of 13 prefixes and suffixes, handy little ROOTS, a wealth of languages has surrounded this bare little Root. These ones have opened to us the world of I.B.M., a delegation, a debate, arguments, accusation and public opinion. The ROOTS are priceless!

1. Putation : PUT ation (pyue tay’ shun) n.

Act of thinking

2. Putative : PUT ative (pyute’ a tiv) adj.

Commonly thought; as, a putative millionaire

3. Compute : com PUT e (kom pyute’) v.


4. Computable : com PUT able (kom pyute’ a b’l) adj.

Can be though out

5. Computation : com PUT ation (kom pyue tay’ shun) n.


6. Computer : com PUT er (kom pyue’ er) n.

A computing machine

7. Depute : de PUT e (do pyute’) v.

To appoint as deputy or agent; to delegate

8. Deputation : de PUT ation (dep yu tay’ shun) n.

Appointment to office of deputy; delegation

9. Deputy : de PUT y (dep’ yut ee) n.

One appointed to substitute for another; as, a deputy hostess

10. Deputize : de PUT ize (dep’ yu tize) v.

To appoint as deputy

11. Dispute : dis PUT e (dis pyute’) v.

To disagree about a matter; argue; quarrel

12. Disputation : dis pUT ation (dis pyue tay’ shun) n.

A formal debate

13. Disputants : dis PUT ants (dis pyute’ ants) n.

The debaters

14. Disputatious : dis PUT atious (dis pyu tay’ shus) adj.

Argumentative; quarrelsome

15. Disputable : dis PUT able (dis pyute’ a b’l) adj.


16. Impute : im PUT e (im pyute’) v.

Ascribe to; charge with; accuse

17. Imputation : in PUT ation (im pyu tay’ shun) n.

Accusation; insinuation; as, imputation of bribery

18. Repute : re PUT e (re pyute’) n.

Esteem; as, held in good repute

19. Reputable : re PUT able (rep’ yut a b’l) adj.

Honorable; estimable

20. Reputation : re PUT ation (rep yu tay’ shun) n.

Public opinion

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