Practical Ways to Improve Our Fluency in English

Practical Ways to Improve Our Fluency in English :

How fluent in English are you?

Communicating fluently in English allows you to connect with people, participate and solve problems in the society. Fluent communication requires understanding what is being spoken or read and being able to produce fluid, well-pronounced and accurate messages in return by speaking and writing.

How fluent are you?
Do you understand everything you read or hear?
Do the people you communicate with understand you?

This page offers English Language Learners strategies for acquiring greater fluency in English. Most of the strategies involve the simultaneous use of two or more literacy skills…listening, speaking, reading and writing. You may already use some of the suggested tools such as dictionaries, television or social media -- excellent! By now seeing these mediums as ways to advance your language learning, you will have more opportunities to practice and improve your fluency in English.

  • Developing Listening Skills
  • Ways to Improve English Fluency
  • Developing Conversation Skills
  • Developing Writing Skills
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