ROOT-WORD is TEST (Latin, testari) meaning to BEAR WITNESS. Do not confuse this root TEST with the word which means examination. It is true that when you take an examination you are a witness for your own knowledge and, unless you cheat, you are showing what you do or don’t know. However, here the word means a solemn telling of the truth of what you know, bearing witness for truth’s sake. Also notice the word conTEST (No.17): the accent is on the TEST-ConTEST is merely a competition

1. Testate : TEST ate (tes’ tate) adj.

Leaving a valid will which has been witnessed

2. Testament : TEST ament (tes’ ta ment) n.

A will; an agreement of faith

3. Testamur : TEST amur (tes tay’ mur) n.

A certificate attesting to proficiency; as, a diploma

4. Testate : TEST ate (tes’ tate) v.

To make a will

5. Intestate : in TEST ate (in tes’ tate) adj.

Not leaving a will; as, dying intestate

6. Testation : TEST ation (tes tay’ shun) n.

The act of making a will

7. Testator : TEST ator (tes’ tate or) n.

One who bequeaths his property by a will

8. Testatrix : TEST atrix (te’ stay triks) n.

A female testator

9. Testatory : TEST atory (tes’ ta to ri)adj.

Of the nature of testimony

10. Testimony : TEST imony (tes’ ti moe nee) n.

A solemn declaration

11. Testification : TEST ification (tes ti fi kay’ shun) n.

The act of bearing witness

12. Testify : TEST ify (tes’ ti fie) v.

To bear witness; as, testify in a case

13. Testimonial : TEST imonial (tes ti moe’ nee al) n.

Evidence; testimony

14. Detest : de TEST (de test’) v.

To loathe; to abhor; as, we detest

15. Attest : at TEST (a test’) v.

Certify; affirm; bear witness to

16. Attestant : at TEST ant (at tes’ tant) n.

One who bears witness to; affirms

17. Contest : con TEST (kon test’) v.

Argue against; as, they are going to contest the will

18. Contestable : con TEST able (kon test’ a b’l) adj.

Can be argued against; challengeable

19. Protest : pro TEST (pro test’) v.

Bear witness against; as, protest the verdict

20. Testamentary : TEST amentary (test a ment’ a ree) adj.

Relating to a will; as, testamentary letters

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