tion, sion & ion

ROOT-WORDS are the Suffixes ION, SION & TION meaning ACT OF, STATE OF & RESULT OF. It is very much in use. The most common of the forms are TION and SION. They are noun ending.

1. Diction: dic TION (dik’ shun) n.

The choice of words

2. Celebration: celebra TION (sel e bray’ shun) n.

The act of honoring some special event

3. Action: ac TION (ak’ shun) n.

Something done; way of performing

4. Dominion: domin ION (do min’ yun) n.

Authority over; absolute power over

5. Injection: inject TION (in jek’ shun) n.

Act of throwing in; forcing something in

6. Formation: forma TION (for may’ shun) n.

Act of giving form or shape

7. Infection: infec TION (in fek’ shun) n.

Result of contamination

8. Function: func TION (funk’ shun) n.

Occupation; purpose

9. Junction: junc TION (junk’ shun) n.

A state of being connected joined

10. Limitation: limita TION (lim I tay’ shum) n.

State of being confined within a limited space, a set boundary

11. Location: loca TION (loe kay’ shun) n.

A place; a locality

12. Option: op TION (op’ shun) n.

The act of choosing; the choice

13. Partition: parti TION (par tish’ un) n.

The act of separating; division into elements

14. Purification: purifica TION (pyur I fi kay’ shoun) n.

The act of making pure

15. Question: ques TION (kwes’ chun) n.

The act of inquiring; that which is asked

16. Reflection: reflec TION (re flek’ shun) n.

An image thrown back; as a reflection in a mirror

17. Suspension: suspend SION (sus pen’ shun) n.

State of being stopped temporarily

18. Verification: verifica TION (ver I fi kay’ shun) n.

Act of giving proof; proven truth

19. Versification: versifica TION (ver si fi kay’ shun) n.

The act of expressing thought in verse form; pietic form

20. Vitrification: vitrifica TION (vi tri fi kay’ shun) n.

The act of being made into glass

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