loco & loc

ROOT-WORDS are LOC & LOCO which mean PLACE. We use it all the time because we are constantly on the move from place to place. Note well the spelling of this ROOT and its derivation. It comes from the Latin word locus. You will soon have another ROOT with a similar spelling which does not mean PLACE. Watch out!

1. Locomotion : LOCO motion (lo ko mo’ shun) n.

Act of moving from place to place

2. Locality : LOC ality (lo kal’ it ee) n.

Locale; neighborhood; district

3. Locomobile : LOCO mobile (lo ko moe’ bil) n.

A self-propelling vehicle

4. Locomotive : LOCO motive (lo ko mote’ iv) n.

A self- propelled engine or vehicle

5. Locomotor : LOCO motor (lo ko mote’ or) adj.

Of or relating to movement and locomotion

6. Loculus : LOC ulus (lok’ yu lus) n.

A little place; a room; a cavity

7. Locus : LOCUS (lo’ kus) n.

Place: locality

8. Locate : LOC ate (lo’ kate) v.

Assign a place to; to find the place of

9. Locative : LOC ative (lok’ at iv) n.

A grammatical case that expresses the place where

10. Locomotivity : LOC omotivity (lo ko mo tiv’ i ti) n.

The power to move from place to place

11. Dislocate : dis LOC ate (dis’ lo kate) v.

To move away from its place

12. Dislocator : dis LOC ator (dis’ lo kay tor) n.

One who or that which dislocates

13. Dislocation : dis LOC ation (dis lo kay’ shun) n.

State of being dislocated

14. Dislocatory : dis LOC atory (dis’ lo kay to ri) adj.

Causing dislocation

15. Dislocable : dis LOC able (dis’ lo ka b’l) adj.

Can be dislocated

16. Dislocated : dis LOC ated (dis’ lo ka ted) adj.

Removed from their homes

17. Relocated : re LOC ated (re loe’ kate ed) adj.

Put into place again

18. Relocate : re LOC ate (re loe’ kate) v.

To put back into their homes

19. Relocation : re LOC ation (re lo kay’ shun) n.

Act of replacing something or someone

20. Allocate : al LOC ate (al’ o kate) v.

To assign; to allot; apportion

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