A Priceless Lesson

A Priceless Lesson :

Once upon a time, a student named Rakesh lived in an ashram. Every night he used to jump over the ashram's boundary wall and roam around. H e used to return before dawn. No one knew that Rakesh went out at night.

One night as usual, Rakesh found everyone asleep. He peeped into Guruji's room and saw him sleeping. Then Rakesh crept out towards the wall. He climbed up a ladder he had and jumped over the wall. But actually Guruji was awake and had seen Rakesh going out.

He got up and took away the ladder from the spot. A few hours later, Rakesh returned. In the dark, he tried to climb down from the wall. But Guruji stood where the ladder was. He helped Rakesh to get down and said, "Son, at least take a warm shawl, when you go out at night."

Guruji's gentle manner made Rakesh realize his own folly. He apologised and never went out at night again.

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