Difficult Words :
Abnegate ,Abash, Abate, Abdicate, Aberration, Abhor & Abject

This is a list of Difficult Words :Abnegate, Abash, Abate,Abdicate, Aberration, Abhor and Abject

Abash (uh BASH) v: to make ashamed, to embarrass

• Meredith felt abashed by her inability to remember her lines in the school chorus of
Old McDonald Had a Farm.

• To do something without shame or embarrassment is to do it un-abashedly.

• Ken handed in a term paper that he had unabashedly copied from the National Enquirer.

Abate (uh BATE) v: to subside, to reduce

• George spilled a pot of hot coffee on his leg. It hurt quite a bit. Then, gradually, the agony abated.

• Bad weather abates when good weather begins to return.

• A rain storm that does not let up continues unabated.

• Tax abatement is a reduction in taxes.

• Businesses are sometimes given tax abatements in return for building factories in places where there is a particular need for jobs.

Abdicate (AB duh KATE) v: to step down from a position of power or responsibility

• When King Edward VIII of England decided he would rather be married to Wallis Warfield Simpson, an American divorcee, than be king of England, he turned in his crown and abdicated.

• Even people who aren't monarchs can abdicate duties and responsibilities.

• Mary abdicated her responsibility as a baby-sitter by locking the five-year-old in a closet and flying to the Bahamas.

Aberration (AB uh RAY shun) n: something not typical, a deviation from the standard

• Tom's bad behavior was an aberration. So was Harry's good behavior. That is, Tom was usually good and Harry was usually bad.

• A snowstorm in June is an aberration. Snow doesn't normally fall in June.

• The chef at this restaurant is dreadful. The good meal we just had was an aberration.

• An aberration is an aberrant (uh BER unt) occurrence.

• Tom's behavior was aberrant.

• The summer snowstorm was aberrant.
Abhor (ab HAWR) v: to hate very, very much; to detest

• To abhor something is to view it with horror.

• Hating a person is almost friendly in comparison with abhorring him or her.

• Emanuel abhorred having anvils dropped on his head.

• To abhor raw chicken livers is to have an abhorrence of them or to find them abhorrent.

Abject (AB jekt) adj: hopeless; extremely sad and servile, defeated, utterly bummed out

• An abject person is one who is crushed and without hope.

• A slave would be abject, in all likelihood.

• Perhaps 90 percent of the time, when you encounter this word it will be followed by the word poverty. Abject poverty is hopeless, desperate poverty. The phrase
abject poverty is overused. Writers use it because they are too lazy to think of anything more novel.

Abnegate (AB nuh GATE) v: to deny oneself things, to reject, to renounce

• Samantha abnegated desserts for one month after getting on the scale.

• Self-abnegation is giving up oneself, usually for some higher cause.

• Ascetics practice self-abnegation because they believe it will bring them closer to spiritual purity.

This is a list of Difficult Words :Abnegate,Abash,Abate,Abdicate,Aberration,Abhor and Abject

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