Difficult Words :
Ambience, Ambiguous, Ambivalent, Ameliorate, Amenable and Amenity

This is a list of Difficult Words: Ambience, Ambiguous, Ambivalent, Ameliorate, Amenable and Amenity

Ambience (AM bee uns) n: atmosphere, mood, felling

• By decorating their house with plastic beach balls and Popsicle sticks, the Craters created a playful ambience that delighted young children.

• A restaurant's ambience is the look, mood, and feel of the place. People sometimes say that a restaurant has
an atmosphere of ambience. To do so is redundant-atmosphere and ambience means the same thing.

Ambiguous (am BIG yoo us) adj: unclear in meaning, confusing, capable of being interpreted in different ways

• We listened to the weather report, but the forecast was ambiguous. We couldn't tell if the day was going to be rainy or sunny.

• The Poem we read in English class was ambiguous. No one had any idea what the poet was trying to say.

Ambivalent (am BIV uh lunt) adj: undecided, neutral

• When he wishy-washy decided to break up with her, he spoiled the ambivalence.

Ameliorate (uh MEEI yuh RATE) v: to make better or more tolerable

• The condition of the prisoners was ameliorated when the warden gave them color television sets and keys to their cells.

• My great-uncle's gift of several million dollars considerably ameliorated my financial condition.

Amenable (uh MEE nuh bul, uh MEN uh bul) adj: obedient; willing to give in to the wished of another, agreeable

• I suggested that Bert pay for my lunch as well as for his own, to my surprise, he was amenable.

• The plumber was amenable to my paying my bill with jelly beans, which was lucky, because I had more jelly beans than money.

Amenity (uh MEN I tee) adj: pleasantness, attractive or comfortable feature

The amenities at the local club include a swimming pool, a golf course and a fallout shelter.

• If an older guest at your house asks you where the amenities are, he or she is probably asking for directions to the bathroom. Provide them.

• Those little bars of soap and bottles of shampoo found in hotel rooms are known in the hotel business as amenities. They are meant to increase your comfort. People like them because people like almost anything that is free (although, of course, the cost of providing such amenities is simply added to the price of hotel rooms).

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