Difficult Words:
Ascetic, Ascendancy, Assiduous, Assimilate, Assuage and Astute

This is a list of Difficult Words: Ascetic, Ascendancy, Assiduous, Assimilate, Assuage and Astute

Ascendancy (uh SENdun se) n: supremacy, domination

• Small Computers have been in ascendancy for the last few years.

• The ascendancy of the new regime had been a great boon for the economy of the tiny tropical kingdom.

• When something is in ascendancy, it is ascendant.

Ascetic (uh SET ik) adj: hermitlike, practicing self-denial

• The college Professor's apartment which contained no furniture except a single tattered mattress was uncomfortably ascetic.

• In his effort to save money, Roy led an ascetic existence. He never went out, he never ate anything but soup and he never had any fun.

• Ascetic can also be a noun. A Person who leads an ascetic existence is an ascetic. An ascetic is someone who practices asceticism.

• A similar-sounding word with a very different meaning is aesthetic. Don't be confused.

Assiduous (uh SIJ oo us) adj: hardworking, quite diligent

• The workmen were assiduous in their effort to get nothing done. In stead of working, they drank coffee all day long.

• Wendell was the only assiduous student in the entire math class. All the other students had to copy their homework from him.

Assimilate (uh SIM uh LATE) v: to take in, to absorb, to learn thoroughly

• To assimilate an idea is to take it in as thoroughly as if you had eaten it.

• Your body assimilates nutrients from the food you eat.

• To assimilate knowledge is to absorb it, to let it soak in.

• People can be assimilated, too Margaret didn't have any friends when she first went to the new school, but she was gradually assimilated. She became part of the new community. When she was chosen for the cheerleading squads, her assimilation was complete.

Assuage (uh SWAHJ) v: to soothe, to pacify, to ease the pain of, to relieve

• Beth was extremely angry, but I assuaged here by promising to leave the house and never return.

• The thunderstorm made the baby cry, but I assuaged her fears by singing her a lullaby.

• Assuage spelled sideways is sauage, a soothing food to some people.

Astute (uh STOOT) adj: shrewd, keen in judgment

• Morris was an astute judge of character. He was very good at seeing what people are really like.

• Amanda, who notices everything that is important and many things that other people don't see, is an astute observer.

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