Difficult Words:
Bane, Banal, Bastion, Beget, Belabor and Beleaguer

This is a list of Difficult Words: Bane, Banal, Bastion, Beget, Belabor and Beleaguer

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Banal (buh NAL, BANE ul) adj: unoriginal, ordinary

• The dinner conversation was so banal that Amanda fell asleep in her dessert dish.

• A banal statement is a boring, trite, and uncreative statement. It is a banality.

• What made Amanda fall asleep was the banality of the dinner conversation.

Bane (bane) n: poison, torment, cause of harm

• Bane means poison (wolf bane is a kind of poisonous plant), but the word is usually used figuratively.

• To say that someone is the bane of your existence is to say that that person poisons your enjoyment of life.

• Baneful means harmful.

Bastion (BAS chun) n: stronghold, fortress, fortified place

• Mrs. Garrett's classroom is a bastion of banality. That is, it's a place where originality seldom if ever makes its way inside.

• The robbers terrorized the village for several weeks and then escaped to their bastion high in the treacherous mountains.

Beget (bi GET) v: to give birth to, to create, to lead, to cause

• Those who lie should be creative and have good memories, since one lie leads often to another lie, which begets another.

Belabor (bi LAY bur) v: to go over repeatedly or to an absurd extent

• For more than an hour, the boring speaker belabored his point about the challenge of foreign competition.

• Mr. Irving spent the entire period belaboring the obvious. He made the same dumb observation over and over again.

Beleaguer (bi LEE gur) v: to surround, to besiege, to harass

• No one could leave the beleaguered city; the attacking army had closed off all the exits.

• Oscar felt beleaguered at work. He was months behind in his assignments and he had little hope of catching up.

• The beleaguered President seldom emerged from the Oval Office as he struggled to deal with the growing scandal.

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