This is the complete list of Palindromes-E.

Ed aced a decade!

Ed, I help pink nipple hide.

Ed, I hide.

Ed, I saw Harpo Marx ram Oprah W. aside.

Ed is on no side.

Ed, I spotted a clam in an animal cadet topside.

Ed is a trader; cast sacred art aside.

Edit peptide!

Ed: a general, a renegade.

"Eda, Emil's red roses suck!" Cal Black cusses, orders tram.

Eh, Canada had an ache?

Egad! A base tone denotes a bad age

Egad! No bondage!

Egad, a base life defiles a bad age.

Elf farm raffle.

Elbert and Edna treble.

Emil saw a slime.

Emil's slime.

Emil, a sleepy baby peels a lime.

Enola Devil lived alone.

Epic Erma has a ham recipe.

Erin is in ire.

Eros saw Aviva was sore.

Eros saw I was sore.

E.T. is opposite.

Evade me, Dave.

Eve damned eden mad Eve

Evil is a name of a foeman, as I live.

Evil olive

Evil, in a can I live.

Evita, gentle, felt negative.

Evolvers rev love.

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