This is the complete list of Palindromes-M.

Ma handed Edna ham.

Ma has a ham

Ma is a nun, as I am

Mac spots tip at a pit-stop scam

Mad Adam

"Mad at Adam?"

Mad as it is it is Adam.

Madam I'm Adam

Madam in Eden, I'm Adam.

Madam, I am ill. I've nine men in evil Lima. I'm Adam

Madam, I do get a mate. God, I'm Adam

Madam, I help Martin. I trample him --- Adam

Marg, I pen [an] epigram.

Marge, let's send a sadness-telegram.

Marty, Bo got Hannah to go by tram.

Mary's words (in a pajama), "Japan is Drowsy Ram."

Ma's story rots Sam.

Man, Oprah's sharp on A.M.

May a bad boob dab a yam?

May a banana nab a yam

May a moody baby doom a yam?

Mirror rim

Mike, can Ellen ace Kim?

Mike Modano's on a dome, Kim.

Mix a maxim.

Mom's Dad & Dad's Mom!?!

Moor let Omani in a motel room.

Murder for a jar of red rum

Must sell at tallest sum.

"My gym tasks are too lonely?" a Jay Leno looter asks at my gym.

My gym taxes sex at my gym.

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