The Main Clause

Grammar Index : 2

The Main Clause gives the direct meaning with a finite verb.

Examples :

  • He went to the doctor.

  • She is my best friend.

  • The President will dedicate this factory to the nation day after tomorrow.

  • I will teach you English online using SKYPE.

  • This film is most interesting and most popular.

  • He is the person responsible for this accident.

  • My wife is a writer.

  • You have to take delivery of this parcel in the railway station.

  • Be here by 7pm tomorrow.

  • Our Professors did not permit me to complete the seminar.

    The Other Clause is :

    The Subordinate Clause

    The Three Types of The Subordinate Clause are :

    (i) The Noun Clause
    (ii) The Adjective Clause
    (iii) The Adverb Clause

    Grammar Index : 2

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