The Subordinate Clause

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The Subordinate Clause will not give a complete meaning.

This will only support the meaning of the main clause.

Or some times, this will depend upon the main clause for getting a meaning.

The subordinate clause will be a part of the main clause.

Though Subordinate Clause had finite verb, we can not get complete meaning from it. It depends on the main clause for its complete meaning.

Examples :

  • As he was ill, he did not come to college yesterday.

  • Since she attends the function, she has to go fast.

  • Why we did not come to the school is not a matter now.

  • The dog that bites does not bark.

  • He fled where his pursuers could not follow.

  • I am the monarch of all I survey.

  • He is the son of whom I met yesterday.

  • He replied that we had to pay him by that day.

  • We expected that he would abide by our words.

  • It is true that he has scored centum in Math.

    (The boldened part of these sentences are Subordinate Clauses)

    The Other Clause is :

    The Main Clause

    The Three Types of The Subordinate Clause are :

    (i) The Noun Clause
    (ii) The Adjective Clause
    (iii) The Adverb Clause

    Grammar Index : 2

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