ago, agi & ag

ROOT-WORDS are AGI, AGO & AG which mean to MOVE, GO & DO. This is a lively ROOT always on the go. Every now and then the feminine form of a word is used as in No. 11. “ESS" is also feminine. No. 7 is well known, from the washing machine to the whole world where life goes on. The washing machine needs a quarter; man needs ROOTS to the language.

1. Agent : AG ent (ay’ jent) n.

One who does business for another; representative

2. Agency : AG ency (Ay’ jen see) n.

The office or function of an agent; as, an employment agency

3. Agenda : AG enda (a jen’ da) n.

The program of work to be done

4. Agential : AG entail (ay jen’ chul) adj.

Relating to the affairs of an agency

5. Agile : AG ile (aj’ il) adj.

Quick; active; as, an agile wit

6. Agility : AG ility (a jil’ it ee) n.

Quickness; activity

7. Agitate : AG itate (aj’ i tate) n.

Keep moving; excite; as, to agitate for rights

8. Agitation : AG itation (aj i ta’ shun) n.

Excitement; disturbance; as, civil rights agitation

9. Agitative : AG itative (aj’ i tay tiv) adj.

Causing agitation

10. Agitator : AG itator (aj’ i tate r) n.

One who stirs up the public

11. Agitatrix : AG itatrix (aj i tay; trix) n.

A female agitator

12. Antagonist : ant AGO nist (an tag; o nist) n.

One who opposes another; an opponent

13. Antagonize : ant AGO nize (an tag’ o nize) v.

To act in opposition to; annoy

14. Agitant : AG itant (aj’ i tant) n.

One who is active in a course of action

15. Agogics : AG ogics (a goj’ iks) n.

Theory of relation between emphasis and length of tone

16. Agog : AG og (a gog’) adj.

Eager; astir; as, all agog at the news of war

17. Pedagogue : ped AGO gue (ped’ a gog) n.

A teacher

18. Pedagogy : ped AGO gy (ped’ a goj ee) n.

The study of teaching methods

19. Synagogue : syn AGO gue (sin’ a gog) n.

A Jewish place of assembly for worship

20. Demagogue : dem AGO gue (dem’ a gog) n.

One who stirs people up for personal politics or profit

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