ROOT-WORD is the Prefix ANTE which means BEFORE. Many of the words in this list are pure Latin phrases, but they have become a part of our language and we consider them English. Do not confuse ANTE with ANTI which means against. ANTE means before.

1. Antebellum : ANTE bellum (Ant e bel’ um) adj.

Existing before the war

2. Antebrachium : ANTE brachium (an tee bray’ ki um) n.

The forearm

3. Antecede : ANTE cede (ant e sede’) v.

To go before

4. Antecedent : ANTE cedent (ant e sede’ ent) n.

The word preceding the pronoun to which the pronoun refers

5. Anteroom : ANTE room (ant’ e rum) n.

A room before another; as, a waiting room

6. Antedate : ANTE date (ant’ e date) v.

To precede in time; to date something earlier than its creation

7. Antediluvian : ANTE diluvian (ant e di lue’ vee an) adj.

Belonging to the time before the flood

8. Ante flexed : ANTE fiexed (an tee fleksd’) adj.

Bent forward; as, a displaced organ

9. Ante past : ANTE past (an’ tee past) n.

A foretaste; as, an appetizer

10. Antelucan : ANTE lucan (an tee lue’ kan) adj.

Before dawn; as, meetings of the early Christians

11. Ante nuptial : ANTE nuptial (an tee nup’ shal) adj.

Coming before marriage

12. Anterior : ANTE rior (an ter’ ee or) adj.

Preceding in time or place

13. Antennae : ANTE nnae (an ten’ a) n.

The feelers on the head of an insect; used as organs of touch

14. Antepenult : ANTE penult (ant e pee’ nult) n.

The third syllable before the end of the word

15. Antelude : ANTE lude (an’ tee lude) n.

A play before the main play; a curtain-raiser

16. Ante script : ANTE script (an’ tee script) n.

A note added before something as prefix to a letter

17. Ante meridian : ANTE meridiem (ant e me rid’ ee em) adj.

Coming before noon

18. Ante mortem : ANTE mortem (ant e mort’ em) adj.

Coming before death

19. Ante vocalic : ANTE vocalic (an tee vo kal’ ic) adj.

A letter before a vowel; as, k in kind

20. Ante type : ANTE type (an’ tee tipe) n.

An earlier type of something

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