ROOT-WORD is the Prefix APO which means AWAY & FROM. This is a useful one leading to acquaintance with interesting words and worlds. Oddly enough, APO is found in the most modern words and also in the most ancient. No. 9 is used in modern science. No. 2 and No. 7 refer to ancient religious writings.

1. Apobiotic :APO biotic (ap o bie ot’ ik) adj.

Pertaining to any change that diminishes the vital energy of tissue

2. Apocalypse :APO calypso (a pok’ a lyps) n.

Religious literature; a revelation

3. Apocalyptic :APO calyptic (a pok a lyp’ tik) n.

Relating to the apocalypse

4. Apocenter :APO center (ap’ o sen ter) n.

The point of an orbit the most distant from the center of attraction

5. Apocope :APO cope (a pok’ o pee) n.

A cutting off; as, the end letters of a word

6. Apocrustic :APO crustic (ap o krus’ tik) adj.

Able to drive away; repellent

7. Apocrypha :APO crypha (a pok’ ri fa) n.

Writings of doubtful authority

8. Apocryphal :APO cryphal (a pok’ ri fal) adj.

Relating to the Apocrypha

9. Apogee :APO gee (ap’ o je) n.

The point in the orbit of a heavenly body farthest from the earth

10. Apology :APO logy (a pol’ o jee) n.

An attempt to make amends; an excuse

11. Apologetic :APO logetic (a pol o jet’ ik) adj.

In the nature of an apology

12. Apoplexy :APO plexy (ap’ o plek see) n.

Sudden loss of consciousness; a stroke

13. Apopletic :APO plectic (ap o plek’ tik) adj.

In the nature of a stroke; highly excited

14. Apostasy :APO stasy (a pos’ ta see) n.

A defection from one’s faith

15. Apostate :APO state (a pos’ tate) n.

One who abandons his faith

16. Apostle :APO stle (a pos’ el) n.

One who is sent away on a mission; as, the disciples of Jesus

17. Apostrophe :APO strophe (a pos’ tro fee) n.

A mark used to indicate the omitting of a letter; as, in the contraction “can’t"

18. Apotype :APO type (ap’ o tipe) n.

Type specimen used as the basis of information

19. Apotheosis :APO theosis (a poth ee o’ sis) n.

Release from earthly life; deification

20. Apothegm :APO thegm (ap’ o them) n.

A short saying that teaches; as, “Man proposes and God disposes" or “Time and tide wait for no man"

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