civ & civil

These ROOT-WORDS are CIV & CIVIL which come from the Latin civis CITIZEN. That is what you must think of when you see CIV & CITIZEN: No. 1, relating to a citizen; No. 2, science of citizenship, etc. Even the magnificent No. 11: what is it but training to be a good citizen, with all due rights and responsibilities? Please notice No. 3 and No. 8. They look very much alike, but they are not alike, No. 3 - principles of government; No. 8 - principles of citizenship.

1. Civic : CIV ic (siv’ ik) adj.

Relating to a citizen; as, a civic duty

2. Civics : CIV ics (siv’ iks) n.

The science dealing with the rights and duties of the citizen

3. Civicism : CIV icism (siv’ i siz um) n.

Principles of civil government

4. Civil : CIV ill (siv’ il) adj.

Trained; refined; relating to citizens

5. Civilian : CIV ilian (si vil’ yan) n.

One who is not in the armed forces but in a common society

6. Civility : CIV ility (si vil’ it ee) n.

Quality of being civilized; the manner of a civil person; politeness

7. Civilize : CIV ilize (siv’ i lize) v.

To bring up from barbarism; to train to live with others

8. Civism : CIV ism (siv’ iz um) n.

Principles of citizenship

9. Civvy : CIV vy (siv’ y) n.

A Civilian

10. Civies : CIV vies (siv’ eze) n.

Civilian clothes as opposed to military dress

11. Civilization : CIV ilization (siv i li zay’ shun) n.

The cultural development of man; the process of developing from barbarism

12. Civilizational : CIV ilizational (siv i li zay’ shun al) adj.

Relating to civilization

13. Civilizatory : CIV ilizatory (siv i lize’ a to ri) adj.

Contributing to civilization

14. Uncivil : un CIV il (un siv’ il) adj.

Rude; untrained; disregarding the duties of citizenship

15. Uncivilized : un CIV ilized (un siv’ i lized) adj.

Lacking the values of civilization

16. Decivilize : de CIV ilize (dee siv’ i lize) v.

Make to act like a barbarian

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