dent & dont

ROOT-WORDS are the Latin ROOT-WORDS DENT & DONT which mean TOOTH. All people have teeth and talk constantly about their teeth and their dentist, but they rarely acquire the dentist’s vocabulary. A dentist is pleased when a patient talks about DENTin, DENTifrice, and baby’s DENTition. Surprise your dentist.

1. Dental : DENT al (dent’ al) adj.

Relating to teeth; as, a dental appointment

2. Dentality : DENT ality (den tal’ i ti) n.

Dental quality in speaking

3. Dentilated : DENT ilated (den’ ti late ed) adj.

Toothed; as a dentilated edge

4. Dentilation : DENT ilation (den to lay’ shun) n.

The formation of teeth

5. Dentimeter : DENT imeter (den tim’ e ter) n.

An instrument for measuring teeth

6. Dentin : DENT in (den’ tin) n.

An ivory-like substance that is the major part of the teeth

7. Dentification : DENT ification (den ti fi kay’ shun) n.

The formation of the teeth

8. Dentiloquy : DENT iloqyu (den til’ of kwi) n.

The practice of talking through the teeth

9. Dentiphone : DENT iloquy (den til’ o kwi) n.

The practice of talking through the teeth

9. Dentiphone : DENT iphone (den’ ti fone) n.

W plate set against teeth which help the deaf to hear

10. Dentist : DENT ist (dent’ ist) n.

One who cares for the teeth

11. Dentistry : DENT istry (dent’ i stree) n.

The profession of the dentist

12. Dentition : DENT ition (den tish’ un) n.

The development of the teeth; teething

13. Dentoid : DENT oid (den’ toid) adj.

Resembling a tooth

14. Denture : DENT ure (den’ chur) n.

Artificial teeth

15. Dentiscalp : DENT iscalp (den’ ti scalp) n.

An instrument used in scraping the teeth

16. Denticate : DENT icate (den’ ti kate) v.

To bite; chew; masticate

17. Dentifrice : DENT ifrice (dent’ i fris) n.

Powder or paste for cleansing teeth

18. Orthodontia : ortho DON’T ia (or tho don’ chee a) n.

The straightening of irregular teeth

19. Orthodontist : ortho DON’T ist (or tho dont’ ist) n.

A dentist who practices orthodontia

20. Dentigerous : DENT igerous (den tij’ e rus) adj.

Bearing teeth; having teeth

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