ROOT-WORD is GEST which means CARRY & BEAR. It comes from the Latin gerere & gestus. This ROOT will enable you to digest such words as gestative, gestatorial, gesticulate and all other words with the ROOT-GEST.

1. Gestant : GEST ant (jes’ tant) adj.


2. Gestate : GEST ate (jes’ tate) v.

To carry during pregnancy

3. Gestation : GEST ation (je stay’ shun) n.

The period of pregnancy

4. Gestational : GEST ational (je stay’ shun al) adj.

Relating to gestation

5. Gestative : GEST ational (je stay’ shun al) adj.

Relating to gestation

6. Gestatory : GEST atory (jes’ ta to ri) adj.

Pertaining to carrying as a form of exercise

7. Gestatorial : GEST atorial (jest a toe’ ri al) adj.

Relating to the chair on which the Pope is carried on ceremonial occasions

8. Gestatorium : GEST atorium (jest a toe’ ri um) n.

A portable shrine

9. Gested : GEST ed (jes’ ted) adj.

Embellished with gestures and bodily movements

10. Gestic : GEST ic (jes’ tik) adj.

Consisting of gestures or bodily movements

11. Gesticulate : GEST iculate (je stik’ yu late) v.

Indicate by gestures when speaking

12. Gesticular : GEST icular (jes tik’ yu lar) adj.

Full of sudden motion

13. Gesticulation : GEST iculation (jes tik yu lay’ shun) n.

The act of making gestures

14. Gesture : GEST ure (jes’ chur) n.

The use of motions of the body as a mode of expression

15. Congest : con GEST (kon jest’) v.

To overcrowd; clog

16. Congestion : con GEST ion (kon jes’ chun) n.

An overcrowded state; as, congestion

17. Congestive : con GEST ive (kon jes’ tiv) adj.

Causing congestion

18. Digest : di GEST (die jest’) v.

To think over and arrange methodically in the mind

19. Digestion : di GEST ion (die jes’ chun) n.

The process by which food is made useful to the body

20. Suggestion : sug GEST ion (su jes’ chun) n.

The mental process by which one thought leads to another

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