ROOT-WORD is the PORT which means CARRY. All the words on the list have something to do with carrying in one way or another. Look at No.11. The two e’s at the end of the word have a special meaning – the deportee is the one who receives the action, the one who is deported, carried away, banished.

1. Port: PORT (port) n.

Place ships may wait in, or bring or take cargo to or from

2. Porter: PORT er (port’er) n.

One who carries things, as baggage

3. Portable: PORT able (port’ a b’l) adj.

Can be carried 4. Export: ex PORT (ek sport’) v.

Carry out; bring or sent elsewhere

5. Exporter: ex PORT er (ex sport’ er) n.

One who sells goods to other countries

6. Exportation: ex PORT ation (ek spor tay’ shun) n.

The act of carrying goods out of the country

7. Import: im PORT (im port’) v.

To bring in goods; as, from a foreign country

8. Importer: im PORT er (im port’er) n.

One who brings in goods from a foreign country

9. Importation: im PORT ation (imp or tay’) shun) n.

The act of bringing in goods from a foreign country

10. Deport: de PORT (de port’) v.

To sent a person away; to banish

11. Deportee: de PORT (de por tee’) n.

One who is sent away

12. Deportment: de PORT ment (de port’ ment) n.

Manner of behaving oneself; conduct

13. Report: re PORT (re port’) n.

An account of something which happened

14. Reporter: re PORT er (re port’ er) n.

One who brings news; as, for a newspaper

15. Reporting: re PORT ing (re port’ ing) verbal noun.

The bringing in of news

16. Support: sub PORT (su port’) v.

To carry along with help

17. Transport: trans PORT (trans’ port) n.

Act or means of carrying from place to place; as, an airship to carry soldiers

18. Transport: trans PORT (trams port’) v.

To carry from place to place

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