ROOT-WORD is POLY and it means MANY. A great many words are built with this Root and you will have no trouble remembering it. You yourself will, if you wish, be able to make up words with it, if not serious ones which Webster will wish to include in his International Dictionary, then humorous ones. Word No. 15 is sometimes used for “jargon". But the Polyglot Bible, written in nine languages by Brain Walton, is a tremendous achievement in language and religious literature.

1. Polyanthus : POLY anthus (pole e an’ thus) n.

A type of plant, especially primrose, which has many flowers

2. Polydactyl : POLY dactyl (pol I dak’ til) adj.

Having more than the normal number of fingers or toes

3. Polychord : POLY chord (pol’ i kord) n.

A viol-shaped instrument with ten strings

4. Polychotomous : POLY chotomous (pol y kot’ o mus) adj.

Having many branches; many parts

5. Polychotomy : POLY chotomy (pol i kot’ o mee) n.

Division into many parts or branches

6. Polychresty : POLY chresty (pol i kres’ ti) n.

Usefulness for many purposes; as, a word of many meanings

7. Polymorphic : POLY morphic (pol i mor’ fik) adj.

Having many forms

8. Polychromatic : POLY chromatic (pol i kro mat’ ik) adj.

Having many colors

9. Polynomial : POLY nomial (pol i no’ mee al) n.

A sum of two or more

10. Polyclinic : POLY clinic (pol i klin’ ik) n.

11. Polydemic : POLY demic (pol i dem’ ik) adj.

Native to many countries

12. Polyesthesia : POLY esthesia (pol i es thee’ zhi a) n.

A condition of our body

13. Polyethnic : POLY ethnic (pol i eth’ nik) adj.

Inhabited by many races

14. Polygamy : POLY gamy (po lig’ a me) n.

The custom of plural wives or husbands

15. Polyglot : POLY glot (pol’ i glot) n.

One who knows many languages; a linguist

16. Polygon : POLY gon (pol’ i gon) n.

A (closed plane) figure with many angles

17. Polygraphy : POLY graphy (pol’ i gra fi) n.

Literary productiveness; writing on a variety of subjects

18. Polyhedron : POLY hedrom (pol i hee’ dron) n.

A solid figure having many planes faces

19. Polyneuritis : POLY neuritis (pol i nu rie’ tis) n.

Inflammation of many nerves at ones

20. Polyarchy : POLY archy (pol’ i ar ki) n.

A government ruled by many persons

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