ROOT-WORD is VEST which comes from the Latin vestire & vestus meaning CLOTHE & TO DRESS. While most of the words on the list concern garments and clothing to wear, there are a few words which have a different meaning. The idea is still that of clothing, but not with garments. Nos. 2, 3, 15 & 16, refer to the clothing of power and authority.

1. Vest : VEST (vest) n.

An article of clothing; vestment

2. Vest : VEST (vest) v.

To clothe with authority and power of law

3. Vested : VEST ed (ves’ ted) adj.

Clothed with authority and power; as, vested interests

4. Vestee : VEST ee (ve stee’) n.

A small jacket-like garment

5. Travesty : tra VEST y (trav’ e stee) n.

A parody; a disguise to make a thing ridiculous

6. Vestiary : VEST iary (ves’ tee are e) n.

A room, esp. in a church, for its vestments

7. Vestment : VEST ment (vest’ ment) n.

An outer garment; clothing

8. Vesting : VEST ing (ves’ ting) n.

Material for making vests

9. Vestry : VEST ry (vest’ ry) n.

That part of the church building where the vestments of the clergy are kept

10. Investor : in VEST or (in vest’ or) n.

One who has laid out money for profit

11. Vestmented : VEST mented (vest’ men ted) adj.

Arrayed, dressed for the services

12. Vesture : VEST ure (ves’ chur) n.

Clothing; a covering

13. Vestural : VEST ural (ves’ tyu ral) adj.

Relating to clothing to vestments

14. Investiture : in VEST iture (in ves’ ti chur) n.

The act of presenting the official robes of office

15. Invest : in VEST (in vest’) v.

To clothe with garments of authority and power; to put out money for profit

16. Investment : in VEST ment (in vest’ ment) n.

The money laid out for profit

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