Raman Stories

Here is a very good collection of Raman Stories.Nothing captures our attention quite like a good story. Long before there were television, movies, radio, and even books, people told stories as a way to entertain and educate. Storytelling was as important to prehistoric cave-dwellers eating antelope around a fire as it is to corporate executives doing lunch. It's in our human blood. We love the development of plot and character, the climax, the resolution, the vicarious thrill of living and learning through tales of others sufferings and triumphs. All of literature and media is but an extension of the more basic urge to tell a good story. The advantage of storytelling, though, is that you do it in person - right there, right in front of people, so you get to see, hear, and feel their reactions. Unlike books and television, storytelling is much more interactive and personal. You don't do it alone in this process of storytelling.

Around The Campfire

Honest Opinion

Mooli and Recipe

Peaches for Raman

Raman Climbs Out of Trouble

Raman's List of Fools

Raman Provides Justice

The Boy Wonder

The Dutiful Son

The Fool of the Year

The Irreverent Devotee

The Key to Heaven

Tricksters Humbled

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