ROOT-WORD is the Prefix EPI which means UPON, BESIDE & AMONG. No. 15 is a good word to know, as many people have this condition and just call it running eyes. If the tearduct were not obstructed, the tears would run through it instead of running over on the cheeks.

1. Epicarp : EPI carp (ep’ i karp) n.

The outer layer of the fruit

2. Epidemic : EPI demic (ep i dem’ ik) n.

A spreading among the people; as, a disease that is contagious

3. Epidermis : EPI dermis (ep i der’ mis) n.

Outer layer of skin

4. Epiglottis : EPI glottis (ep i glot’ is) n.

A thin cartilage behind the tongue

5. Epigram : EPI gram (ep’ i gram) n.

A clever, pithy saying

6. Epigraph : EPI graph (ep’ i graf) n.

A quotation placed at the beginning of a work to suggest theme

7. Epigraphy : EPI graphy (ep i gra fee) n.

A quotation placed at the beginning of a work to suggest theme

8. Episode : EPI sode (ep’ i sode) n.

A separate incident in a long narrative

9. Epistle : EPI stle (e pis’ l) n.

Piece of writing in the form of a letter

10. Epistolography : EPI stolography (e pis to log’ ra fi) n.

The art of letter writing

11. Epileptic : EPI leptic (ep i lep’ tik) n.

One ill with a disturbance of the nervous system

12. Epilepsy : EPI lepsy (ep’ i lep see) n.

A disease of the nervous system that is revealed by convulsions and loss of consciousness

13. Epithet : EPI thet (ep’ i thet) n.

An expression which gives a good description; as, Sophocles, the wise one

14. Epiepitaph : EPI taph (ep’ i taf) n.

An inscription on a gravestone

15. Epiphora : EPI phora (e pif’ o ra) n.

Watering from the eyes caused by obstruction of the tearduct

16. Epitome : EPI tome (e pit’ o mee) n.

An abridged summary of a topic or work

17. Epitomize : EPI tomize (e pit’ o mize) v.

To make an epitome of; abridge

18. Epizeuxis : EPI zeuxis (ep i zuke’ sis) n.

Emphatic repetition : as, “Peacel Peace! But there is no peace!"

19. Epilogue : EPI logue (ep’ i log) n.

The concluding section of a work

20. Epithalamium : EPI thalamium (ep i tha lay’ mee um) n.

A poem in honor of bride and groom

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