ROOT-WORD is GEN (genus) meaning RACE & KIND OF. The science of genetics has opened up a world of thought and knowledge of man. Naturally, in order to learn and follow, the vocabulary must keep pace with the developments and knowledge attained. All growth and development are accompanied by language, and keeping pace with the language is the purpose of this book. Every new thought has a ROOT to unlock its treasures. The ROOT itself becomes a treasure to be cherished. He who has no ROOT stays out!

1. Genarch : GEN arch (jen’ ark) n.

Head of family; tribe, or race

2. Gendarme : GEN darme (zhan darm’) n.

Cavalry man in command of a squad

3. Gender : GEN der (jen’ der) n.

Kind; sort; sex - masculine, feminine, neuter

4. Genitals : GEN itals (jen’ i tals) n.

The reproductive organs

5. Genealogy : GEN ealogy (jee nee al’ o jee) n.

The study of family lines; pedigree

6. Genealogy : GEN ealogist (jee nee at’ o jist) n.

One who traces genealogies

7. Gene : GEN e (jene) n.

One of the elements in hereditary development

8. Genius : GEN ius (jee’ nyus) n.

Great natural endowment; as, Milton was a genius

9. Generable : GEN erable (jen’ e ral) adj.

Can be generated

10. General : GEN er al (jen’ e ral) adj.

Relating to all kinds; as, a general thing

11. Generic : GEN eric (je ner’ ik) adj.

Belonging to race or kind; as, a generic name

12. Genesis : GEN esis (jen’ e sis) n.

Development into being

14. Genetics : GEN etics (je net’ iks) n.

The study of heredity

15. Genre : GEN re (zhan’ re) n.

A species; a kind; a type

16. Genuine : GEN uine (jen’ yu win) adj.

Pure; unalloyed; as, a genuine ruby

17. Genus : GEN us (jene’ us) n.

Stock; category; classification

18. Genial : GEN ial (jee’ nyal) adj.

Favorable to growth; kindly; as, a genial person

19. Progeny : pro GEN y (proj’ e nee) n.

Offspring; descendants; children

20. Indigenous : indi GEN ous (in dij’ e nus) adj.

Inborn; innate

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