fluc, flu, fluv & flux

ROOT-WORDS are FLUC, FLU, FLUV & FLUX meaning FLOWING. It comes from fluvio-river and fluere-flow. The words with this Root are beautiful to say and hear, and even to think about. The sound is rhythmical, easy, flowing, and melodious to use a word which contains this ROOT but is not on the list, the sound is melliFLUous. One word, No. 18, is much used today in describing our society.

1. Fluctuant : FLUC tuant (fluk’ chu ant) adj.

Moving like a wave; unstable

2. Fluctuate : FLUC tuate (fluk’ chu ate) v.

To wave in an unsteady motion; shift from one to another

3. Flue : FLU e (flue) n.The root-word FLU is derivative of FLUC.

A passageway for a flow of air

4. Flush : FLU sh (flush) v.

To flow and spread suddenly and freely

5. Fluid : FLU id (flu’ id) n.

A flowing substance; a liquid

6. Fluent : FLU ent (flue’ ent) adj.The root-word FLU is derivative of FLUC.

Flowing easily; facility in speech

7. Fluency : FLU ency (flue’ en see) n.

The quality of being fluent; smoothness; readiness; as, the fluency of language

8. Fluidity : FLU idity (Flue id’ it ee) n.

The quality of a fluid; free flowing

9. Fluidimeter : FLU idimeter (flue id im’ e ter) n.

An instrument to measure fluidity

10. Fluidism : FLU idism (flue id im’ e ter) n.The root-word FLU is derivative of FLUC.

An instrument to measure fluidity

11. Fluidize : FLU idize (flue’ i dize) v.

Render fluid

12. Flume : FLU me (flume) n.

An inclined channel with a stream running through

13. Fluminose : FLU minose (flue’ mi nose) adj.The root-word FLU is derivative of FLUC.

Relating to rivers

14. Fluviose : FLU viose (flue’ vi ose) adj.

Flowing freely

15. Fluviograph : FLU viograph (flue’ vi o graf) n.

Instrument for measuring rise and fall of rivers

16. Fluviology : FLU viology (flue vi ol’ o ji) n.

Scientific study of watercourses, rivers, streams

17. Fluidal : FLU idal (flue’ id al) adj.

Relating to a fluid or to its flowing motion

18. Affluent : af FLUE ent (af’ lue ent) adj.

Flowing freely; prosperous; an affluent society

19. Effluent : ef FLU ent (ef’ lue ent) adj.

Flowing out; as, an effluent branch of a main stream

20. Influence : in FLU ence (in’ flue ens) v.

To flow in; as, influence for good

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