loqu, loqui & loc

These ROOT-WORDS are LOQUI, LOQU & LOC which mean SPEAK. They come from the Latin loquor & locutus. This is the ROOT I spoke of when we had ROOTS LOCO & LOCUS meaning PLACE. I have mentioned before this that the Latin verb changes its spelling and pronunciation. Since the English word is based on the Latin, the English also changes. When you see LOC in a word, stop for a moment and think whether it is PLACE or SPEAK.

1. Loquacious : LOQU acious (lo kway’ shus) adj.

Garrulous; talkative

2. Loquacity : LOQU acity (lo kwas’ it ee) n.

Garrulity; talkativeness

3. Circumlocution : circum LOC ution (sir kum to kyue’ shun) n.

Indirect roundabout way of speech

4. Elocute : e LOC ute (el’ o kute) v.

Speak out in public; declaim

5. Elocution : e LOC ution (el o kyue’ shun) n.

Declamation; oratory; public speaking

6. Elocutionist : e LOC utionist (el o kyue’ shu nist) n.

A professional speaker

7. Eloquence : e LOQU ence (el’ o kwens) n.

Speech marked by fluent diction and imaginative fervor

8. Eloquent : e LOQU ent (el’ o kwent) adj.

Expressing oneself with fluency and force

9. Obloquy : ob LOQU y (ob’ lo kwee) n.

Blame; abuse

10. Obloquious : ob LOQU ious (ob loe’ kwi us) adj.

Characterized by obloquy

11. Soliloquy : soli LOQU y (so lil’ o kwee) n.

A long speech to oneself; a monologue

12. Soliloquize : soli LOQU ize (so lil’ o kwize) v.

To talk to oneself earnestly

13. Soliloquist : soli LOQU ist (so lil’ o kwist) n.

One who soliloquizes

14. Soliloquacious : soli LOQU acious (so lil o kway’ shus) adj.

Having a tendency to soliloquize

15. Loquent : LOQU ent (loe’ kwent) adj.

Inclined to speak; articulate

16. Loquitur : LOQU itur (lok’ wi tur)v .

(Latin stage direction) The actor will speak

17. Interlocution : inter LOC ution (int er lo kyue shun) n.

Interchange of speech: conversation

18. Interlocutor : inter LOC utor (int er lok’ yut or) n.

One who takes part in a conversation

19. Interlocutory : inter LOC utory (int er lok’ yu tore ee) adj.

Relating to an interlocution

20. Interlocutress : inter LOC utress (in ter lok’ yu tres) n.

A female interlocutor

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