hydra, hydro & hydr

ROOT-WORDS are HYDRO, HYDRA & HYDR meaning WATER. Many words using this ROOT have 3, 4 or 5 syllables, but you already know what few of them mean. You’re like a clever surgeon, knowing where to cut apart and where to sew together. You know that a HYDRAngea needs water; you know a prune is dry because it has been deHYDRAted.

1. Hydragogue : HYDRA gogue (hie’ dra gog) adj.

Causing the expelling of serum as in dropsy

2. Hydrology : HYDRA logy (hie’ dra goe ji) n.

Conveyance of water through channels artificially

3. Hydrangea : HYDRA ngea (hie drane’ je) n.

A beautiful plant that needs much water

4. Hydrant : HYDRA nt (hie’ drant) n.

A compound of water plus one element

5. Hydrate : HYDRA te (hie dra; lik) adj.

Acting by water power

7. Hydraulics : HYDR aulics (hie dra’ liks) n.

Use of water in driving machinery

8. Hydrophobia : HYDRO phobia (hie dro fo’ bi a) n.

Morbid fear of water

9. Hydrophone : HYDRO phone (hie’ dro fone) n.

Instrument that detects sound of water flowing in pipes

10. Hydropic : HYDRO pic (hie drop’ ik) adj.

Said of one suffering from dropsy

11. Hydroplane : HYDRO plane (hie’ dro plane) n.

A seaplane; a boat that can rise or light on water

12. Hydro propulsion: HYDRO propulsion (hie dro pro pul’ shun) n.

Propulsion by means of jet propeller

13. Hydroscope : HYDRO scope (hie’ dro skope) n.

A device for enabling one to see through great depths to the sea bed

14. Hydrosphere : HYDRO sphere (hie’ dro sfere) n.

The water vapor in the atmosphere

15. Hydrostat : HYDRO stat (hie’ dro stat) n.

A device to regulate the amount of water in a reservoir or boiler

16. Hydrostatics : HYDRO statics (hie dro stat’ iks) n.

The principles of static applied to water and other liquids

17. Hydrostatician : HYDRO statician (hie dro sta tish’ an) n.

An expert in hydrostatics

18. Hydro therapist : HYDRO therapist (hie dro[ ther’ a pist) n.

One who practices hydrotherapy

19. Hydrotherapy : HYDRO therapy (hie droe ther’ pee) n.

Treatment of disease by the scientific use of water

20. Dehydrate : de HYDRA te (dee hie’ drate) v.

To remove water; as, dehydrate foods

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